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Casio Privia PX-3BK Limited Edition Stage Piano

Casio has created a fantastic gift in its anniversary year for all live musicians. The PRIVIA PX-330, which forms the basis of the new limited edition piano, is taken to the next level for the stage. High-performance master keyboard functionality turns the piano into a controller. Editable DSP effects, tone editor and new tones expand its capabilities on stage and in the studio. On top of this, the 4-band equalizer enables a wide range of tone settings.

Features :

  • 88-key, 3 sensor scaled hammer action keyboard (without speakers)
  • Master keyboard functions
  • DSP effects (editable)
  • 4-band equalizer
  • Assignable switches (Portamento, Rotary)
  • Stage piano without speakers
  • Editable DSP effects
  • 4-band equalizer
  • "Ivory touch" keyboard
  • Assignable buttons (portamento, rotary switch)
  • Master keyboard functionality
  • Editable parameters (mixer, tone/synth)

Product Description

The Privia PX-3BK is an original hgh-quality stage piano designed and engineered for live performances

  • Linear Morphing AIF sound source reproduces wider than ever, more natural fortissimos and pianissimos. A world-famous brand concert grand piano was used to collect samples of tones produced by four optimum key pressures for each note. Next, morphing technology was used to modify the notes for continuity. The result is naturally smooth transitions from delicate pianissimos to powerful fortissimos, which brings you a level of grand piano expression that until now was difficult to reproduce in a digital piano.
  • A newly improved Acoustic Resonance System reproduces the string resonance of an acoustic piano that occurs when the damper pedal is depressed. Rich resonance that is like that of a grand piano makes it possible to produce expression-rich notes that sound more acoustically authentic
    True and smooth grand piano level key action is reproduced using the actual weight of the hammer, without relying at all on springs. A 3-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard improves playing of successive notes, for a musical experience that is the next best thing to an acoustic grand. Of course, low notes play heavier and higher notes play lighter, just like an acoustic grand.
  • Elegant mat type keys have low-gloss surfaces that provide a surer touch and contribute to overall playability.
  • On-stage control of multiple sound sources from a single location Tones and enhanced functions for band play and great live performances.
  • A total of 250 tones (GM compatible), including 36 piano tones with 16 high-quality, high-clarity grand piano tones that are great for play with a>
  • Built-in DSP (2 channels, 64 types, editing function) with versatile settings, including phaser, flanger, wah, tremolo, rotary effect, and>
  • 4-band (low range, low-mid range, high-mid range, high range) equalizerbr>
  • Tone editor allows editing of attack, release, filter, and other parameters of built-in tones to create original>
  • Powerful Master Control function lets you assign a different MIDI channel to each of four zones for independent control of the tones and settings of up to four external MIDI devices.Registration memory (8 banks x 8 sets) for storage and instant recall of set upsbr>
  • Two tones can be layered so they both sound at the same and the keyboard can be split between tow different>
  • Assignable switches can be assigned modulation or rotary effect speed switching, portamento effect, or other functions for smooth operation during>
  • Pitch bend wheel expands the range of music expressionbr>
  • Operation Lock disables button operation to prevent unintentional setting>
  • Line in/out, MIDI in/out, USB, and other terminalsbr>
  • Compact design for easy portability between performances or studios.

Pedal // 3 pedals

A pedal without expanded damper capability is included in the scope of delivery. The SP-32 3-pedal unit with expanded damper capability is available as an optional extra.

SD card slot

The innovative SD memory medium offers a simple but limitless way to expand the internal memory of the PX-3BK.

Pitch bend wheel

Playing aids such as the pitch bend wheel enable you to temporarily change the pitch of played notes, to authentically reproduce guitar or saxophone playing techniques.

USB Plug & Play

The USB/MIDI­(GM) connection enables further Midfile songs to be loaded into the internal memory. No software installation from a CD-ROM required thanks to Plug & Play and the USB driver is compatible with both Mac and Windows (from Mac OSX 10.03 and Windows XP/Vista).

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