Nakamichi NPX-205

Nakamichi NPX-205



  • 2 inches color LCD intelligent display screen can show real-time voltage,Date and Time and channel switch status
  • Setting time and date with built-in clock chip to realize Timed switching function. Equipment management is much simpler
  • HMaudio Profesional Manufacturer of Karaoke Procesor,Profesional Audio Procesor,Power Supply Sequencer,Intelligent Mixer,
  • Digital Karaoke Amplifier,Digital Equalizer,Feedback Exterminator and DSP Module Board.
  • 8 output channels,Delay time of Turning on/off For each channel can set freely.(0-999s)
  • 8 groups of equipment switching data can be saved or loaded,a group of factory data can be loaded. Switching management is simple and convenient
  • Protection function of Undervoltage/overvoltage detection and alarm ensures all device to operate safely and reliably.
  • Total Power is 6000W,And the maximum power of each channel is 2000W.
  • Support cascade control of multi device,cascade state can be automatically detected and set
  • RS232 interface for external central control equipment
  • Support Remote control,coding ID of each channel can set and detected.
  • Panel lock function to avoid any misoperation.

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  • Model: NPX-205
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  • Rp. 3.500.0003500000.0000