Nakamichi NTX-305

Nakamichi NTX-305

Nakamichi NTX 305Power Amplfier


  • Adoption of small loop negative feedback technique eliminates transient intermodulation distortion
  • Design of common emitter common base circuit makes the frequency band of amplifier wider and more balanced,low-frequency thick and elastic,
  • medium frequency smooth and high frequency delicate and structured
  • Adopt A class work mode for elecric current level drive,AB class work mode for output level reduces switch distortion and crossover distortion
  • Adoption of electronic acceleration technology reduces switch distortion of amplifier tube to a minimum
  • Adoption of pioneering dynamic following technology prevents the modulation of audio signals from interelectrode capacitance of transistors,
  • and avoids power internal resistance caused by using second-level power supply for high power amplifier
  • Power Transformer adopts A-level iron core and oxygen-free copper paint covered wire to ensure more energy and lower operating temperature
  • Power Filter capacitor adopts audio specific capacitor to ensure less distortion and lower internal resistance,and make charge & discharge current
  • faster and more powerfull.

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