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PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL

PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSLA professional recording system you can grow with.When you’re recording a full band, you need an interface with enough I/O to handle the challenge. For these sessions, the AudioBox 1818VSL USB 2.0 audio/MIDI interface has you covered with six mic/line inputs and two mic/inst..

Rp. 7.600.000

PreSonus AudioBox 22VSL

PreSonus AudioBox 22VSLProfessional quality wherever you recordYou don’t need to have a million-dollar studio to sell a lot of records. Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska was recorded in a hotel room. Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago was tracked at a cabin in the woods. And can you guess where Bob Dylan’s..

Rp. 2.950.000

PreSonus AudioBox 44VSL

PreSonus Audiobox 44VSL USB 2.0 Recording SystemWe don’t want to push the Goldilocks analogy too far but if two-channel audio interfaces are too small for your needs, and interfaces with eight or more channels are overkill, then our four-in, four-out AudioBox® 44VSL will be just right. With the Audi..

Rp. 5.260.000 Rp. 4.200.000