Mackie SP260

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Mackie SP260 Processor

Offering sophisticated EQ, crossover, dynamics processing and system protection, the Mackie SP260 2x6 Speaker Processor provides complete system optimization for both passive and powered systems. Five different operating modes cover a wide range of systems with 24 user-definable presets and flexible I/O for simple routing and configuration.


Your Input. Our Command.

The SP260 has two inputs with whole host of processing and routing capabilities. Each input features a mute switch and variable gain control and 5-band EQ. You can choose between parametric or hi/lo shelving, providing an extremely flexible approach to room tuning. There’s even a 600ms delay available on each input.

Premium Sound Quality

With high-end AKM AD/DA converters with 120 dB dynamic range, eight different filter types including Butterworth, Bessel and Linkwitz-Reilly and a sophisticated DSP engine and algorithms, you can count on superior sound quality each and every night.

Powerful Desktop Software

With the Mackie SP260 Control Application, you have total control over your system and presets from an easy-to-use interface. Just plug in your windows laptop via the convenient front panel USB port to harness the power of the app. The software auto-detects the SP260 and shows the current settings.

All About the Output

There are six individual outputs on the Mackie SP260 providing a wide range of possible connections, depending on your system. Each output features a mute switch, individual gain adjustment, 7-band EQ, high and low pass filters, 600ms delay and powerful output limiting.

Super Simple Setup

Choose from a range of pre-configured system setups to assign the correct inputs, name outputs and provide the starting crossover point for your system. Use all the available input and output processing to optimize your system for the venue. Once that’s done, you can easily save the setup in one of the 24 available presets.

Complete System Solution

Passive, powered, bi-amped, tri-amped, delay stacks, fill stacks, cry rooms and balcony clusters. All easily recallable via presets. Everything is manageable with the SP260. Getting total control over your system has never been easier.

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