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Casio AT-5

Casio AT 5 Oriental/Middle Eastern KeyboardThe Casio AT-5 Oriental Keyboard comes with a range of functions to satisfy every requirement, and proves itself as a multi-functional creative keyboard with its multitude of oriental rhythms. 4 built-in Oriental tones include the "oud", "qanun", "nay" and ..

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Casio WK-220

Casio WK 220 76-Key Personal Keyboard with USB ConnectionAll built-in tones, including piano and acoustic instrument tones, now sound better than ever before! 48-tone maximum polyphony provides plenty of margin to minimize the chance of notes being dropped when tones are layered and when playing..

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Casio WK-6600

Casio WK 6600 Workstation KeyboardFeaturesSequencer and mixer functions for total musical creation supportThe Song Sequencer provides 16 tracks plus one system track that supports recording of up to five songs and a total of approximately 12,000 notes. Each individual musical instrument part can be ..

Rp. 7.032.500Rp. 5.626.000

Casio WK-7600

Casio WK 7600 Keyboard InstrumentAffordable Powerhouse ArrangerIf you're looking for an affordable arranger keyboard with an impressive array of creative tools, Sweetwater has a great suggestion: Casio's WK-7600. When you're composing with the WK-7600, the possibilities for editing and refining your..

Rp. 8.265.000Rp. 6.612.000

Roland BK-9

Roland BK-9 The BK-9 Backing Keyboard is the new flagship instrument in the acclaimed BK series, bringing together sensational sounds, top-class rhythms, and an incredible selection of premium features. You have a world of music under fingertip control, with a massive sound selection—including Rola..

Rp. 23.990.000Rp. 19.192.000

Yamaha MOTIF XF6

Yamaha MOTIF XF6 61KeysSoon after the original MOTIF was released in 2001, it was recognized as the best sounding, top selling and most requested music workstation on the market. Over time, it has continued to evolve and improve its expressiveness and functionality. At the same time, the online comm..

Rp. 50.000.000

Yamaha S70XS

Yamaha S70XS 76-KeyPlayers, take note. You want the ultimate keyboard instrument for performing and creating? We've put it all together for you. Exceptional quality instrument sounds. A piano sound to die for. A truly realistic, naturally expressive keyboard. Convenient, comprehensive control. Real-..

Rp. 46.000.000

Korg Pa4X 76

Keyboard Korg PA-4X 76KORG telah menghabiskan puluhan tahun untuk berinovasi teknologi baru yang dirancang untuk mendorong setiap kinerja keyboard ke tingkat tertinggi.Pa4X 76 Professional Arranger meneruskan tradisi ini dengan penyempurnaan yang luar biasa untuk setiap aspek kualitas suara dan deng..

Rp. 39.000.000

Roland Juno-DS76

Synthesizer Roland JUNO DS76Life moves fast as an upcoming musician or ambitious new band. When you’re racing between rehearsals, sessions, and shows, you don’t have time to deal with a bulky, complex synth that’s difficult to use. The Roland JUNO-DS76 is the portable modern synth that can keep up w..

Rp. 17.350.000Rp. 13.880.000

Yamaha MODX7

Synthesizer Yamaha MODX SeriYamaha telah mengumumkan perilisan tiga synthesizer baru, yang mesin suaranya didasarkan pada teknologi yang sama yang menggerakkan MONTAGE andalan. MODX menggunakan sampel Advanced Wave Memory 2 (AWM2) dan mesin sintesis, yang menggabungkan kompresi data tanpa mengorbank..

Rp. 24.900.000Rp. 21.150.000

Yamaha Montage7

Yamaha Montage-7Yamaha MONTAGE menetapkan tonggak sejarah berikutnya untuk synthesizer, dengan kontrol dinamis yang canggih, kreasi suara yang luar biasa dan alur kerja yang ramping semuanya digabungkan dalam keyboard yang kuat yang dirancang untuk menginspirasi kreativitas Anda. Tidak seperti synth..

Rp. 53.700.000Rp. 45.650.000

Yamaha PSR EW-425

Arranger Workstation Keyboard Yamaha PSR EW-425 76 KeyYamaha PSR EW-425 76 Key ini adalah keyboard yamaha terbaru yang memiliki 76 Key dengan fitur yang lengkap.Yamaha PSR EW-425 76 Key memiliki spesifikasi sebagai berikut : Keyboard peka-sentuhan 76 tuts dengan fungsionalitas yang dibangun dia..

Rp. 8.796.000Rp. 8.000.000

Yamaha PSR-EW300

Keyboard Portable Yamaha PSR EW300Keyboard PSR EW 300 ini sudah dilengkapi dengan fitur-fitur profesional yang mudah dioperasikan seperti:  76 tuts dengan touch response, sampling suara Live! Grand Piano baru, koneksi eksternal via USB dan output balance L/R ke sound system...

Rp. 4.660.000Rp. 4.194.000

Yamaha PSR-EW400

Keyboard Portable Performa JuaraSeri flagship terbaru dari lini PSR-E dibuat khusus untuk perform live. Keyboard Yamaha PSR-EW400 ini sudah dilengkapi dengan fitur-fitur profesional yang mudah dioperasikan seperti:  76 tuts dengan touch response, sampling suara Live! Grand Piano baru, koneksi e..

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