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TOA ZW-G810 CUPower Requirement : AC mains, 220V, 50/60Hz, Dry Cells ; 8 pcs (R20P or “D”)Rated Output : AC ; 15W (Max 20W), DC ; 6WFrequency  Response : 70 ~ 10,000Hz (±3dB)Total Harmonic Distortion : Less than 3% (rated output)Input : Wired mic ; Mic 1,2 : -54dB, 600Ω (switchable with wireles..

Rp. 6.500.000


TOA HB-1 Ceiling Speaker SubwooferTHE TOA HB-1 FLUSH-MOUNT SUBWOOFER is the ideal solution for adding low frequency enhancement to commercial, residential and retail sound systems. The HB-1's unique minimum-depth design allows discreet flush-mount installation in ceiling structures or in walls betwe..

Rp. 2.300.000

TOA Z-2322C

TOA Z-2322C Ceiling Speaker 30 WattThe Z-2322C ceiling and wall-mounted speaker covers an extremely wide area and can be used for 25, 70 and 100 V line applications. Well-balanced sound can be heard uniformly at any location...

Rp. 0

TOA Z-2852C

TOA Z-2852C Ceiling Speaker 60 Watt2-Way Wide-Dispersion Ceiling SpeakerRated Input : 60W (High Impedance)TOA Ceiling speaker Z-2852C, daya 60 watt, high impedance, 2-way cone type (Woofer + Tweeter), flush type ceiling, tanpa screw, diameter panel 280mmCasing metal (tahan api), aplikasi cocok untuk..

Rp. 2.000.000

TOA ZA-2030

TOA ZA-2030 AmplifierModel: ZA-2030 Power Source: 220-240V AC (H version) or 24-30V DC Rated Output: 30W Power Consumption: 78 W (AC operation at rated output). 34 W (at 1/8 Power). 2A (DC operation at rated output). Frequency Response: 50 - 20.000 Hz (+3 dB) Distortion: Under 1% at 1kHz, ..

Rp. 1.550.000

TOA ZA-2060

TOA ZA-2060 Amplifier Model: ZA-2060  Power Source: 220-240V AC (H version) or 24-30V DC  Rated Output: 60W  Power Consumption: 150W (AC operation at rated output). 72 W (at 1/8 Power). 4A (DC operation at rated output).  Frequency Response: 50 - 20.000 Hz (+3 dB)  Dis..

Rp. 1.750.000

TOA ZA-2120

TOA ZA-2120 (120 Watt) AmplifierHigh cost-performanceSuitable for commercial audio systems in schools, offices, shops, restaurants, factories, houses of worship, and large meeting rooms.Equipped with balanced mic. inputs for better isolation from external noise, compared to unbalanced inputs. Improv..

Rp. 2.800.000

TOA ZH 5025 B

TOA Horn speaker ZH-5025BDaya 25 watt,Low impedance,Aluminium horn.Warna off white,Horn bulat,Dimensi : diameter horn 500mm x panjang speaker 477mm...

Rp. 650.000

TOA ZH 652 T

Speaker Corong TOA ZH 652 TSpeaker Corong berdaya 50 Watt untuk instalasi luar ruangan, diameter 500 x 357 mm. Dari bahan alumunium dengan bracket dari baja.--------------------------------------------------TOA ZH 652 T Horn SpeakerHorn Speaker with 50 W output power for outdoor installation, 500 x ..

Rp. 571.000


Toa ZM100EC Chime MicrophoneThe ZM 100EC microphone is equipped with an electronic chime. It can be operated as easily as normal type microphones, and can be used in any locations. The ZM-100EC's power saving design permits it to be operated for approximately 2 years (on the assumption that it is us..

Rp. 0

TOA ZM-360

TOA ZM-360 Clip-on MicrophoneMicrophone ini merupakan jenis Condenser dengan tanggapan frekuensi yang baik, bentuknya sangat kecil dan ditambah lagi dengan Clip for Holder yang dapat diputar sesuai dengan keinginan kita sehingga mendapatkan posisi yang baik saat kita sedang berbicara / Pidato. Cocok..

Rp. 360.000

TOA ZM-520

Microphone Cable TOA ZM-520Type : Dynamic MicrophoneDirectivity : UnidirectionalRated Impedance : 600Ω UnbalancedRated sensitivity : -70dB ± 3dB at 1 kHzFrequency Response : 50 – 16.000HzSwitch : Type Short-off, Magnetic slide switchDimension : 50 x 176 mmWeight : 232 g without cableColor :Metalic D..

Rp. 650.000


TOA ZM660P Paging MicrophoneTOA’s PM-660 Series Desk-top Paging Microphones are designed for general announcements and pagingcalls. They have a large, easy-to-operate talk switch with a convenient lock lever. The PM-660D and PM-660U feature remote control function interlocked with the talk switch to..

Rp. 950.000

TOA ZR-1015

TOA Megaphone ZR-1015 (23 Watt Maksimum)TOA Megaphone ZR-1015, daya output 15 watt (22 Watt maksimum), warna putih-biru, batterai sedang 6bh.Tipe Hand grip (genggam).Cocok buat kegiatan touring, rekreasi, gathering, pramuka, dll.Power Requirements R14P (C) × 6 (9V DC)Output Power Rated 15W, max. 23W..

Rp. 520.000

TOA ZR-1015S

TOA ZR-2015S MegaphoneRated Output : 15w, Maximum Output : 23wTOA portable power megaphones are available in different configurations to meet different user needs. Every model now has been treated for antibacterial properties to cope with use in multi-user environments. From light and compact config..

Rp. 550.000

TOA ZR-2015

TOA ZR-2015 MegaphoneMegaphone Toa ZS-2015 ini sangat cocok digunakan untuk acara outdoor dan Toa ZS 2015 memiliki jangkauan suara yang cukup jauh...

Rp. 600.000

TOA ZR-2015S

TOA ZR-2015S MegaphoneMegaphone ZR 2015S sangat mudah untuk dibawa berpergian sehingga ZR2015S ini sangat cocok digunakan untuk kegiatan outdoor, perlombaan, olahraga, kampanye dll..

Rp. 700.000

TOA ZS-062

TOA Box SpeakerRated Input Selection/Impedance : 6W, 3W, 1.5W, 0.8W (100V Line)Frequency Response : 100 ~ 12,000 HzSound Pressure Level (1W/1m) : 90dBSpeaker Components : 12cm Dynamic SpeakerExternal Dimensions (WxHxD) : 290 x 214 x 150mmWeight : 2.1kgMaterial : Enclosure: Wood, grille: ClothColor :..

Rp. 207.500


TOA ZS-102C Multichannel Power AmplifierRated Input Selection/Impedance : 10W, 5W (100V line)Frequency Response : 150 ~ 10.000HzSound Pressure Level (1W/1m) : 90dBSpeaker Components : 2 units 12 cm Dynamic SpeakerDimensions (WxHxD) : 167x335x141 mmWeight : 3.4kgMaterial : Extruded Aluminum casi..

Rp. 650.000

TOA ZS-1869

TOA ZS-1869 Ceiling Speaker 6 wattTOA Ceiling speaker ZS-1869, daya 6 watt, high impedance, cone type, flush type ceiling, tanpa screw, diameter panel 180mm...

Rp. 0


TOA ZS-202C - Multichannel Power AmplifierRated Input Selection/Impedance : 20W, 10W (100V line)Frequency Response : 150 ~ 10.000HzSound Pressure Level (1W/1m) : 93dBSpeaker Components : 4 units 12 cm Dynamic SpeakerDimensions (WxHxD) : 167x580x141 mmWeight : 5.1kgMaterial : Extruded Aluminum casing..

Rp. 750.000

TOA ZS-2369

TOA ZS-2369 Ceiling Speaker 6 WattTOA Ceiling speaker ZS-2369, daya 6 watt, high impedance, double cone type, flush type ceiling, tanpa screw, diameter panel 230mm...

Rp. 0

TOA ZS-2852

TOA ZS-2852 Ceiling Speaker 15 wattTOA Ceiling speaker ZS-2852, daya 15 watt, high impedance, 2-way cone type, flush type ceiling, tanpa screw, diameter panel 280mm..

Rp. 550.000

TOA ZS-2869

TOA ZS-2869 Ceiling SpeakerIntegrated with a speaker unit and panel, the PC-2869 Ceiling Mount Speaker is of all metallic construction and ideal for use in a voice alarm system. It feature spring clamp mechanism for easy speaker mounting to the ceiling.TOA Ceiling speaker ZS-2869, daya 6 watt, high ..

Rp. 0


TOA ZS 645R Ceiling SpeakerRound flush-mount 12cm speaker. # Screw-in installation. # Variable impedance. # 3W (70V line) or 6W (100W line) rated inputs. # 191mm off-whiteABS resin baffle.Type :flush ceilling MountRated input :6 WRated (Input selection/Impedance : 6W,3W,1,5W,0.8W(100V line )Frequenc..

Rp. 225.000


Speaker Plafon TOA ZS-646RSpeaker tanam di plafon TOA ZS 646R dengan Daya Output 6W; Impedansi: 6W, 3W, 1.5W, 0.8W (100V). Jarak optimal untuk tiap titik pemasangan 3-4m.--------------------------------------------------TOA ZS-646 R Ceiling SpeakerTOA ZS-646 R Ceiling Speaker with 6W Output Power; I..

Rp. 225.000

TOA ZV-064

TOA  ZV-064 Attenuator 6 WattTOA attenuator ZV-064, Daya 6 watt,untuk pengatur volume speaker ceiling ZS-646R atau ZS-645R.Level volume : 0ff - 1-2-3 (maksimum)Untuk Fitting box/mounting box/inbow tipe YS-11 dijual terpisah.SpecificationInput Capacity : 6WLevel Control : 4 step; 0 ( off) , 1, 2..

Rp. 215.000

TOA ZV-303

TOA ZV-303 30 watt Volume Control for Ceiling SpeakerTOA ZV-303 attenuator adalah volume control yang menempel pada dinding menggunakan sebuah transformator yang memungkinkan koneksi dari berbagai beban (di bawah 30W). Volume dapat disesuaikan dalam lima langkah..

Rp. 175.000


Portable Amplifier TOA ZW G10 CB ASTOA ZW-G10CB-AS Portable Amplifier offers reliable performance, clear, powerful sound and is simple to operate. This portable sound system is equipped with an audio music player that allows music to be played from CD, USB or SD/MMC card and is simple to operate...

Rp. 2.700.000