TOA Z-2852C

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TOA Z-2852C Ceiling Speaker 60 Watt

2-Way Wide-Dispersion Ceiling Speaker
Rated Input : 60W (High Impedance)

TOA Ceiling speaker Z-2852C, daya 60 watt, high impedance, 2-way cone type (Woofer + Tweeter), flush type ceiling, tanpa screw, diameter panel 280mm
Casing metal (tahan api), aplikasi cocok untuk music dan vocal

Well-balanced sound with excellent wide area dispersion define a new class of ceiling speakers.
The Z-2852C ceiling and wall-mounted speaker covers an extremely wide area and can be used for 25, 70 and 100 V line applications. Well-balanced sound can be heard uniformly at any location.


  • Designed to blend into ceilings with a smooth, low-profile design.
  • Extra ease of use and higher cost-effectiveness with the metal "back can" enclosure for the speaker rear.
  • Minimal high frequency rolloff allows clear and well- balanced sound reproduction over a wide listening area.
  • Quick and easy installation to precisely mount speaker onto ceilings and walls. Rotating front grille also installs quickly and conveniently.

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