Yamaha FX310

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Yamaha FX-310 Guitar

Widely acknowledged for the high quality and consistency across a wide range of instruments, from entry level to high-end. Yamaha is widely recognized as the choice of musical instrument for students and teachers. Yamaha instruments are used throughout the world by beginners and pro musicians alike. The Yamaha FX310A is the electro-acoustic version of the popular best-selling Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar. The FX310A features a Yamaha custom piezo pickup and preamp (System 53), providing natural, expressive sound and stage-ready control. This matched with Yamaha's stunning standard set-up results in a guitar that performs way outside of it's pricepoint. The Yamaha FX310A series are perfect for all abilities and meets the needs of the performer whether playing at home or in a gig situation where amplification is required. Built to Yamaha's impeccable high standards the FX310A includes a cutaway for easy high fret access.


The Yamaha under-saddle pick up system allows for simple amplification whilst giving maximum control.


The body itself is completed with an ultra thin polyurethane finish to give long-lasting protection whilst not interfering with the sound of the guitar.


Controls for the under bridge piezo pickup are mounted on the instrument's side for optimum access. The battery compartment is also located on the side, close to the neck, to provide easy replacement.

The System 53 one-way active preamp control panel includes separate bass and treble tone controls plus a gain control for flexible sound shaping. Battery check switch and indicator also included.

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