Beta Three

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Beta3 Sigma 118A

Beta3 Sigma 118 Active 18 Inch Subwoofer 500 WattB3 Series Sub speakers utilize high power low frequency drivers with structurally solid enclosures in classic horn-loaded and band pass configurations. The ΣB Series Sub speakers deliver extended low frequency bandwidth with excellent punch. Suitable ..

Rp. 10.800.000 Rp. 8.800.000

Beta3 U12A

Beta3 U12a 12” Two Way Full Range Active Plastic SpeakerPortable and installed plastic loudspeakers used in applications including sound reinforcement in Front of House and Foldback applications in Houses of Worship,Events, Clubs, Rehearsal Halls etc. The U Active Series delivers extraordinary perfo..

Rp. 9.200.000

Beta3 U10A

Beta3 U10A 250W 10" 2-Way Full Range Powered Loudspeaker..

Rp. 7.700.000 Rp. 6.300.000

Beta3 U15A

Beta 3 U15A 15" Active LoudspeakersFeaturesTwo-way active speaker with one 15" woofer and one 2 " driver.Cabinet is made from polypropylene and special high-tech material.It' s durable, anti-shock and has good damping characters.Voice coil in the 15" woofer is made from 75mm copper cladding aluminiu..

Rp. 13.300.000 Rp. 11.300.000