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Tascam DR-07X

Tascam DR-07X Stereo Handheld Digital Audio Recorder and USB Audio Interface.The DR-07X from Tascam is a stereo handheld digital audio recorder with an integrated USB audio interface. Two internal condenser microphones deliver exceptional audio fidelity, with high-end clarity. They are capable of ha..

Rp. 3.659.000 Rp. 2.927.200

Tascam DR-22WL

Portable Handheld Recorder with Wi-Fi DR22WLThe DR-22WL is a streamlined model that has been designed to provide an easy-to-use interface so that anyone will be able to enjoy high-quality linear PCM recording without difficulty. For recording music played primarily on acoustic instruments, including..

Rp. 3.659.000 Rp. 2.927.200

Tascam DR-40X

Four Track Digital Audio Recorder and USB Audio Interface DR40X wifiThe DR-40X is a versatile four-track audio recorder for music, podcasting, cinema and any other application requiring high-quality audio. Building on the highly successful Tascam DR-40, this recorder adds several new functions to th..

Rp. 4.863.000 Rp. 3.890.400

Tascam iXZ

iXZ Mic/Guitar Interface for iPad/iPhone/iPodiXZ is a pocket-sized mic/instrument input for Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch or Android* devices. This powerful little gadget turns such a device into an instant recording studio. Plug in a microphone, guitar or bass to interact with the latest guitar ..

Rp. 1.026.000

Tascam Ministudio Personal US32

Tascam US-32 MiniStudio USB Podcasting Audio InterfaceThe TASCAM MiNiSTUDIO Personal US-32 is your complete, desktop online broadcast studio. Featuring a professional quality audio interface and a number of unique real-time effects, the MINISTUDIO Personal delivers everything you need to set the Int..

Rp. 2.588.000

Tascam TM Drums

Tascam TM Drums 4 Microphone KitDrum recording is considered as the most difficult part among the microphone recording projects. Since a drum set comes with various drums and percussion, to a start a studio recording, it is important to know about drum miking. We need a several microphones not only ..

Rp. 4.863.000

Tascam TM-60

Tascam TM-60 Battery-Powered Condenser Microphone BundleThe TASCAM TM-60 is the only model that does not require phantom power supply, and a perfect choice for the mobile environment where phantom power supplies cannot always be provided, especially when recording with a portable recorders like the ..

Rp. 1.472.000 Rp. 1.177.600

Tascam TM-80

Condenser Microphone TM 80 Large diaphram condenser microphone with Accessories.M-80 Studio Condenser Microphone from Tascam is a condenser microphone with an 18mm aluminum diaphragm, a cardioid pickup pattern, and internal circuitry optimized to reduce noise and distortion while retaining a rich an..

Rp. 1.472.000 Rp. 1.177.600

Tascam TM-95GN

Desktop Gooseneck Condenser Microphone TM 95GNPerfect for Podium or Podcast, the TM-95GN microphone uses a condenser microphone element known for its ability to capture the subtle nuances of speech. Unlike dynamic microphones often used in stage performances, the TM-95GN features a lightweight diaph..

Rp. 3.168.000 Rp. 2.534.400

Tascam TM-AM2

Tascam Radio-Style Adjustable Microphone ArmTM-AM2 memiliki boom scissor arm yang menjaga stabilitas posisi mic Anda, dan memberikan Anda lingkungan rekaman atau podcasting yang sempurna di kamar Anda. Tidak seperti mikrofon standar, TM-AM2dapat dengan mudah dipasang ke meja komputer atau meja lainn..

Rp. 1.160.000

Tascam US-1x2

USB Audio Interface US 1 X 2The US-1x2 is the ideal USB audio interface for entry-level users. It is small, lightweight and economically priced, but nevertheless of high quality. The model features one microphone and one line/instrument input and an RCA unbalanced stereo analogue input as well as an..

Rp. 2.409.000 Rp. 1.927.200

Tascam US-2x2

USB Audio / MIDI Interface US 2x22-in/2-out Audio/MIDI Interface with HDDA Mic Preamps and iOS CompatibilityTASCAM’s US-2x2 combines great audio quality and ergonomic design for a powerful 2-in/2-out USB 2 Audio interface.Two of TASCAM’s Ultra-HDDA mic/line preamps provide up to 57dB of gain with ne..

Rp. 4.863.000 Rp. 2.927.200

Tascam US-4x4

USB Audio / MIDI Interface US-4x4 4-in/4-out Audio/MIDI Interface with HDDA Mic Preamps and iOS CompatibilityTASCAM USB Audio Interfaces Driver (Settings Panel) software for Windows has been updated to Version 4.00, enabling to build music production environments with ultra-low latency that maximize..

Rp. 4.863.000