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Turbosound M18B

Turbosound Milan M18B Powered Subwoofer..

Rp. 22.180.000Rp. 16.650.000

Yamaha DSR118W

Yamaha DSR118W Active Subwoofer (Pc)Harga Sepasang Rp.17.600.000The Yamaha DSR118W Active Subwoofer has a compact design and features an all-new 800W Class-D amplifier with PFC (Power Factor Correction) switching mode power supply. It has a maximum SPL of 132dB (peak) and extensive protection of the..

Rp. 11.000.000Rp. 8.800.000

Proel NEOS 115SP

Proel NEOS 115SP - Subwoofer ActiveNEOS series is a range of both active and passive speakers that is a combination of cutting edge technology and the experience of Proel Sound Reinforcement. NEOS has been designed to give incredible, high quality acoustic performance in a cabinet that is both light..

Rp. 11.000.000

Alto SX-SUB18

Suvwoofer Pasif Alto Professional SX SUB18 18-inch..

Rp. 6.900.000


JBL SRX828SP 18" Dual Self-Powered Subwoofer System..

Rp. 38.000.000

Mackie HD1801

Mackie HD1801 Powered SubwooferMackie 1600W HD1801 18" powered subwoofer is an excellent companion to the HD Series full-range loudspeakers, creating an immensely powerful and truly high-definition PA system that you can actually transport from gig to gig. Class-D Fast Recovery amplification makes t..

Rp. 16.500.000

Mackie S518S

Mackie S518S 18" Passive SubwooferThe Mackie S518 is a passive subwoofer with an 18" LF driver. It has a peak handling capacity of 1800 watts. It is an 8 ohm cabinet.It is made of wood which, aside from being sturdy and all-natural, provides the best-possible response, extended low-frequency output ..

Rp. 7.500.000

Beta3 Sigma 118A

Beta3 Sigma 118 Active 18 Inch Subwoofer 500 WattB3 Series Sub speakers utilize high power low frequency drivers with structurally solid enclosures in classic horn-loaded and band pass configurations. The ΣB Series Sub speakers deliver extended low frequency bandwidth with excellent punch. Suitable ..

Rp. 10.800.000Rp. 8.800.000

Proel Flash 15SP

Proel Flash 15SP Subwoofer Pasif Subwoofer Proel FLASH15SP sudah mengunakan kabinet kayu yang dirancang untuk melengkapi sistem ketika anda perlu untuk memperkuat respon di akhir rendah dari program audio...

Rp. 0

Yamaha DXS12

Subwoofer Aktif Yamaha DXS12..

Rp. 12.500.000Rp. 10.000.000

Yamaha R12M

Yamaha R12M 12" Monitor Speaker..

Rp. 9.000.000Rp. 7.200.000

Yamaha R118

Yamaha R118W 18" SubwooferYamaha Klub Seri pengeras suara telah lama menjadi pilihan populer di kalangan profesional audio.Yamaha R series menawarkan komponen berkualitas, fungsi praktis dan kualitas audio yang sangat baik..

Rp. 8.200.000Rp. 6.550.000

Proel SW115AV2

Proel SW115AV2 Compact active sub-woofer in BPS configuration (series-loaded band-pass)..

Rp. 5.600.000

Proel SW110AV2

Proel SW110AV2 Compact active bandpass sub-wooferFeatures10” woofer with 2 x 2.5” VC for a high output level and punchy lows500 W peak power250 W continuous Class D amplifier with SMPSSTEREO input, link and output24 dB/oct. STEREO crossover filter with selectable frequencyPHASE REVERSE switchSPL MAX..

Rp. 4.800.000


JBL PRX418S 18 Subwoofer 18" SubwooferPRX418S is an eighteen inch subwoofer which, when combined with the two-way models, provides a sub/sat system capable of generating 135 dB of full-range, high quality audio.FeaturesTough DuraFlexT finish enclosureHeavy Duty 16 gauge protective screen backed stee..

Rp. 15.750.000

Mackie SRM1801

Mackie SRM1801 18" 1000W Powered SubwooferMackie SRM1801 powered subwoofer effortlessly delivers 1000 watts of room-shaking Class-D power in a lightweight, portable design. The 18" woofer delivers superior output. Its active electronics include a precision crossover and tuning filters which provide ..

Rp. 0


JBL EON518S 18 Inch Active Subwoofer 500 WattThe JBL EON518S is an 18", direct-radiating, high performance powered compact subwoofer speaker system designed to extend low frequency performance of any EON system. The JBL subwoofer also offers the convenience of an integrated crossover and stereo loop..

Rp. 0


JBL PRX618S-XLF '18 Subwoofer System 18 in. Self-Powered Subwoofer SystemThe PRX618S-XLF, extended low frequency subwoofer was designed and engineered to provide sub bass frequencies with accuracy and power. Used as a single sub in a sub/sat system or in multiples as part of a scalable, large format..

Rp. 0


JBL PRX-718XLF - Subwoofer18" Self-Powered Extended Low Frequency Subwoofer SystemThe PRX-718XLF, extended low frequency subwoofer was designed and engineered to provide sub bass frequencies with accuracy and power. Used as a single sub in a sub/sat system or in multiples as part of a scalable, larg..

Rp. 24.800.000


JBL EON618S 18" Self-Powered SubwooferThe EON618S is a powered portable PA subwoofer in the EON600 series from JBL Professional. It has been designed to deliver class leading performance in a variety of applications supporting EON600 and other full range systems. A lightweight, highly useful enclosu..

Rp. 15.000.000

Mackie SRM2850

Mackie SRM-2850 1600W Dual 18 Powered SubwooferDual 18" powered subwoofer with 1600 watt output. This is Mackie's most beastly sub ever in the SRM profile. It is ideal for club installations, mobile DJs, and bands who need a serious low end presence. The SRM2850 excels within every aspect of its des..

Rp. 25.000.000

Mackie SRM1850

Mackie SRM-1850 1600W 18" Powered SubwooferMackie SRM 1600W High-Definition Powered Loudspeakers deliver on Mackie's "Built-Like-A-Tank" SRM legacy in professional grade all-wood designs featuring enhanced Mackie digital processing providing new levels of SRM ruggedness, output, clarity and simplici..

Rp. 14.250.000

Proel EX-18SA

Proel EX18SA Active 18 Inch SubwooferThe EX18SA 18" 250W Active Front-Firing Subwoofer from Proel provides powerful bass in a compact design, ideal for low frequency reinforcement with full-range loudspeakers. The sub has an MDF cabinet with a scratch-proof black finish for lasting looks and durabil..

Rp. 5.500.000

Yamaha A15W

Yamaha A15W 15" SubwooferThe A15W Subwoofer is the perfect piece to make your A Series system complete. Features a 15" woofer, recessed side handles, black carpet covering, and both a Speakon and 1/4" input connector.FeaturesBass reflex, front ported cabRecessed handlesBlack carpet covering15" woofe..

Rp. 4.300.000Rp. 3.450.000

Wharfedale Titan Sub A15 MKII

Wharfedale Titan Sub A15 MKIIThe new Wharfedale Pro Titan™ Sub-A15, a powerful active subwoofer system designed to produce high quality audio in any performance application. The Titan™ Sub-A15 combines the newest technologies, materials and design topology to ensure absolute accuracy and high output..

Rp. 9.100.000