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Casio CTK-4400

Casio CTK-4400 61-key Portable ArrangerTouch response keyboard with rich expressiveness through a range of 600 high-quality sounds.61 keys with Touch Response, 48 Polyphony600 Tones and 180 Rhythms2.5W+2.5WFeaturesAHL sound sourceAll built-in tones, including piano and acoustic instrument tones, now..

Rp. 3.001.500 Rp. 2.410.000

Behringer KXD12

Behringer ULTRATONE KXD12 600-Watt 4-Channel The Behringer KXD12 keyboard amplifier joins their popular Ultratone line, providing powerful sound and onboard effects at 600 watts. This versatile keyboard amp comes loaded with a 12" Turbosound speaker and a 1" high-frequency driver. A full 4-chan..

Rp. 7.890.000 Rp. 6.300.000

Behringer K450FX

ULTRATONE K450FXUltra-Flexible 45-Watt 3-Channel PA System / Keyboard Amplifier with FX and FBQ Feedback DetectionUltra-flexible 45-Watt 3-channel PA system / keyboard amplifierPowerful 10'' BUGERA speaker for ultimate sound reproductionIntegrated digital FX processor with 100 awesome presets includ..

Rp. 5.350.000 Rp. 4.280.000

Roland BK-9

Roland BK-9 The BK-9 Backing Keyboard is the new flagship instrument in the acclaimed BK series, bringing together sensational sounds, top-class rhythms, and an incredible selection of premium features. You have a world of music under fingertip control, with a massive sound selection—including Rola..

Rp. 29.975.000 Rp. 22.500.000

Casio PX-5S

Casio Privia PX-5S Pro Digital Stage PianoCasio Privia PX-5S redefines the stage piano category with unprecedented sound quality and performance features in a lightweight design that is supremely portable. Featuring tone editing, insert effects, MIDI controller capabilities, an 88 Key, Tri-Sensor Sc..

Rp. 11.513.000 Rp. 9.211.000

Turbosound iQ8

Speaker Aktif Turbosound iQ-82 way full range loudspeaker for portable PA and installation applications2,500 Watt power featuring KLARK TEKNIK Class-D technologyKLARK TEKNIK Digital Signal Processing for total system controlSpeaker modelling includes accurate models of industry standard speaker..

Rp. 26.300.000 Rp. 19.750.000

Sennheiser E906

Sennheiser e-906 Microphone - Guitar, Percussion & BrassThe e 906 captures the guitar sound just as you want it to be: from clean to distorted, from gentle to aggressive. It provides a high-resolution, natural sound without unwanted coloration. The transient response of the e906 convinces in eve..

Rp. 3.174.000 Rp. 2.850.000

Yamaha P5000S

Yamaha P5000S Power Amps Yamaha's audio engineers have specifically designed the new P-Series power amplifiers to be perfect companions to the popular Club Series loudspeakers. To achieve this, they made sure that the amplifiers are capable of delivering power that matches the power handling capabi..

Rp. 8.000.000 Rp. 7.200.000

Audio Technica ATM350

Audio Technica ATM350 Cardioid Condenser Clip-On MicrophoneSupplied with Audio-Technica’s versatile UniMount® clip and new violin mount, the low-profile ATM350 is an exceptional cardioid condenser microphone designed to clip to brass, upright bass, reeds, piano, snare, toms, and violin. The micropho..

Rp. 4.300.000 Rp. 3.850.000

Audio Technica ATM73a

Audioc Technica ATM73a Cardioid Condenser Headworn MicrophoneIdeal for drummers, keyboard players or anyone requiring hands-free operation, the ATM73a features a comfortable, unobtrusive headband design with side-of-mouth pickup. Its belt-mounted power module operates on battery or phantom power.Fea..

Rp. 3.700.000 Rp. 3.300.000

BOSE L1 Compact

Bose L1 Compact systemBose® Spatial Dispersion™ loudspeaker technology delivers sound evenly across the stage and throughout the audience—even to the extreme sidesTwo ToneMatch® channels with fixed presets for a handheld microphone and an acoustic guitarIntegrated bass speaker in power standTwo setu..

Rp. 26.940.000 Rp. 22.000.000

Yamaha SLG200S

Yamaha SLG-200S Steel String Silent GuitarThe SLG is the perfect instrument for practice, travel or stage use – any time an acoustic guitar just won’t do. Near-silent performance makes discrete practice simple, Yamaha’s exclusive SRT-Powered pickup system gives incredibly natural acoustic tone throu..

Rp. 9.800.000 Rp. 8.350.000

Casio CTK-6250

Casio CTK-6250 Portable Compact Musical KeyboardThe Casio CTK-6250 features a piano-style touch-response keyboard, song sequencer, tone editor, multiple digital effects, mixer, performance registration memory, USB MIDI interface, SD card storage and hundreds of editable tones. Both models offer a pi..

Rp. 3.930.000 Rp. 3.150.000

Russel ROKR 200

Russel Guitar Amplifier ROKR-200 Russel ROKR 200 Amplifier Gitar memliki daya 200 watt RMS. Ampli Gitar ROKR 80 ini memliki kualitas suara yang sangat jernih..

Rp. 6.080.000 Rp. 4.990.000

Roland BK-5

Roland BK-5 Backing KeyboardNumber One for One-Man BandsOne keyboard, one keyboardist… With the debut of the BK-5, Roland proudly sets another milestone in the history of auto-accompaniment instruments. The BK-5 features high-quality, fresh sounds combined with an easy user interface and advanced fe..

Rp. 12.900.000 Rp. 11.500.000

Yamaha DTX-402K

Drum Elektrik Yamaha DTX 402KDrum elektrik keluaran Yamaha ini menyediakan sample suara dari 10 set drum profesional terkenal di dunia termasuk lini drum akustik yamaha yang legendaris. Setiap seri DTX memiliki suara berkualitas tinggi dan fitur Accent Articulation yang dapat memproduksi suara yang ..

Rp. 5.500.000 Rp. 4.675.000

Casio CTK-3500

Keyboard Casio CTK 350061 keys with Touch Response, 48 Polyphony400 Tones and 100 Rhythms50 Dance Music Rhythms..

Rp. 3.088.500 Rp. 2.471.000

Casio CTK-2550

Keyboard Casio CTK 255061 keys, 48 Polyphony400 Tones and 100 Rhythms50 Dance Music Rhythms..

Rp. 2.436.000 Rp. 1.949.000

Casio CTK-1500

Keyboard Portable Casio CTK 1500Keyboard CTK-1500 dikemas dengan fitur-fitur yang membantu pemula belajar bermain dan menikmati menciptakan beberapa musik yang menakjubkan dari mereka sendiri. Serta 120 suara dan 70 ritme, keyboard juga memiliki 100 lagu yang dapat Anda pelajari untuk dimainkan bers..

Rp. 2.001.000 Rp. 1.600.000

Cort GA5F-PF

Cort GA5F-PF NATThe new Grand Regal Series from Cort is based on the popular Grand Auditorium body shape that sits right in between the dreadnought and concert-size shapes for a full but balanced sound. The 45mm nut width also makes it ideal for fingerstyle playing. Offered in various models with so..

Rp. 5.590.000 Rp. 4.500.000

Roland RP501R

Digital Piano Roland RP 501RPiano digital Roland RP501R adalah instrumen yang ringkas dan dirancang untuk rumah. Suara Roland SuperNATURAL Piano memberikan nada grand piano akustik, sementara keyboard 88-key PHA-4 menyediakan pemutaran ekspresif dan responsif. Fitur lain termasuk tiga pedal built-in..

Rp. 15.950.000 Rp. 12.760.000

Roland F-140R

Digital Piano Roland F140F-140R adalah digital piano yang dibuat untuk kehidupan modern saat ini. Dengan desain kontemporer, kompak cocok digunakan pada apartemen yang kecil, serta dikemas dengan teknologi bermanfaat dari pendahulunya dalam pembaharuan digital piano. Pertama, Anda akan merasakan nad..

Rp. 12.900.000 Rp. 10.350.000

Yamaha ELC-02

Elektone Yamaha ELC 02Bring your stage anywhere with the ELC-02. Lightweight and designed for easy assembly/disassembly, the separate main keyboard unit, pedal unit, stand, speakers and bench can be transported easily, allowing you to perform wherever you want.FeaturesVoiceThe ELC-02 contains a comp..

Rp. 95.000.000 Rp. 80.750.000

Yamaha PSR-EW410

Yamaha PSR-EW Series Keyboards – The Talent ShowPSR-EW410 is the best 76-note keyboard for performing various styles of music, from the latest to vinyl favorites, featuring a high-res piano sample, powerful on-board speakers and easy-to-use professional features like assignable Live Control knobs, Q..

Rp. 7.620.000 Rp. 6.858.000

Yamaha PSR-E463

Portable Keyboard Yamaha PSR E463Yamaha PSR E463 adalah jenis keyboard terbaik untuk range harga yang terjangkau, masih sama dengan 61 key dengan touch response yang sangat baik serta kekuatan speaker yang kuat. Yamaha PSR E-463 adalah keyboard yg secara fungsi mudah untuk di gunakan untuk penggunaa..

Rp. 6.550.000 Rp. 5.900.000

Yamaha PSR-EW300

Keyboard Portable Yamaha PSR EW300Keyboard PSR EW 300 ini sudah dilengkapi dengan fitur-fitur profesional yang mudah dioperasikan seperti:  76 tuts dengan touch response, sampling suara Live! Grand Piano baru, koneksi eksternal via USB dan output balance L/R ke sound system...

Rp. 4.660.000 Rp. 4.194.000

Cort CEC5

Cort CEC 5 Natural Acoustic Guitar CEC models that borrow from steel-string cutaway acoustic-electrics with cutaways, narrower nut width, and Fishman electronics. The traditional style AC models have been re-engineered to improve resonance for an authentic classical guitar sound while the CEC m..

Rp. 3.990.000 Rp. 3.200.000

Samson SM10

SM10 - Line MixerIdeal for stage, studio and an infinite variety of installation applications, Samson’s SM10 Line Mixer is a versatile and reliable addition to your audio setup. This internally powered, 19" rackmount metal chassis unit can be easily integrated into any existing system to more effici..

Rp. 2.825.000 Rp. 2.300.000

Samson Expedition XP1000

Samson Expedition XP1000 - Portable PASamson's Expedition XP1000 Portable PA system is an all-in-one sound system with incredible features and tons of power that packs into a single compact design. It's perfect for live music performances, DJ sets, parties, group exercise classes, office presentatio..

Rp. 13.999.000 Rp. 11.200.000

Samson CARBON 61

Samson Carbon 61 - USB MIDI ControllerThe Samson Carbon® 61 USB MIDI Controller makes musical performance and production accessible to everyone. For seasoned musicians and young creators alike, the Carbon 61 offers versatile, easy-to-use features in a compact, lightweight controller that’s well suit..

Rp. 2.580.000 Rp. 2.100.000

Samson CARBON 49

Samson Carbon 49 - USB MIDI ControllerThe Samson Carbon® 49 USB MIDI Controller makes musical performance and production accessible to everyone. For seasoned musicians and young creators alike, the Carbon 49 offers versatile, easy-to-use features in a compact, lightweight controller that’s well-suit..

Rp. 1.830.000 Rp. 1.500.000

Samson C03U

Samson C03U - Multi-Pattern USB Studio Condenser MicrophoneFeaturesDual large, 19mm diaphragm studio condenser microphonePlug in and start recording. No extra gear needed!Compatible with most computer-based digital audio workstation softwareThree selectable pickup patterns – cardioid, omnidirectiona..

Rp. 2.210.000 Rp. 1.768.000

Vox Adio BS

Vox Adio BS 50-WattThe VOX Adio Air BS is a portable Bluetooth-enabled stereo bass amplifier designed to provide a variety of amp models and effects, full-range sound reproduction, and expanded capabilities via software integration for bassists practicing, collaborating, and gigging, whether at home..

Rp. 4.750.000 Rp. 3.800.000

Fender Passport Event 375W

Portable PA System Fender Paspor EVENT 375WSeri Paspor Fender sistem PA portabel telah diproduksi selama beberapa waktu dan telah mengalami banyak perbaikan. Versi saat ini adalah versi paling kaya fitur yang pernah dibuat dan mencerminkan nilai luar biasa dalam penguatan suara yang mudah dipindahka..

Rp. 13.950.000 Rp. 11.500.000


Portable Speaker Yamaha Stagepas 400 BTStagepas 400-BT adalah sistem PA portabel serba guna yang menawarkan kualitas suara yang luar biasa dan desain yang ringkas dan ringan. Stagepas 400 BT terdiri dari dua speaker pasif 8inch  yang menghadirkan reproduksi audio resolusi tinggi dan mixer 8 cha..

Rp. 12.500.000 Rp. 10.250.000

Yamaha BR15

Yamaha BR15 15" 2-Way SpeakerWhile maintaining the great sound of the Concert Club series, the BR series provides cost-effective speakers in three configurations to match a wide range of applications. Inheriting the excellent portability and placement flexibility that characterized previous models i..

Rp. 6.800.000 Rp. 5.780.000

Yamaha BR12

Yamaha BR12 12" 2-Way Speaker CabinetThe BR series speakers were developed and are produced in the USA to carry on the proven audio quality and reliability of Yamaha's acclaimed Concert Club series. Using parts and components carefully selected for audio quality and reliability, Yamaha has optimized..

Rp. 6.000.000 Rp. 5.100.000

Yamaha BR10

Yamaha BR10 10" 2-Way SpeakerWhile maintaining the great sound of the Concert Club series, the BR series provides cost-effective speakers in three configurations to match a wide range of applications. Inheriting the excellent portability and placement flexibility that characterized previous models i..

Rp. 5.000.000 Rp. 4.250.000

Yamaha HS8S

Yamaha HS8S Powered Subwoofer8" bass-reflex powered subwoofer delivers low frequencies down to 22Hz22Hz - 150Hz frequency responseHigh-power 150W amplifier exclusively designed for low frequenciesLOW CUT switch, LOW CUT control (80-120Hz) HIGH CUT control (80-120 Hz)PHASE switch allow users to set u..

Rp. 7.400.000 Rp. 6.290.000