Yamaha REV100

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Yamaha REV100 Processors

Reverb is the essential effect for musical instruments, recording, and live sound. Delay and modulation run a close second and third. In fact, the quality of the effects you use has a major influence on the overall quality of your sound. If you're looking for the kind of reverb, delay, and modulation effects that can give your sound a serious lift, take a good look at the Yamaha REV100 Digital Reverberator. It offers remarkably smooth, natural reverb sound as well as a range of outstanding studio-quality delay and modulation effects. It's also super-simple to use, and surprisingly affordable for the quality and flexibility it offers. So affordable, in fact, that you could easily add several to your system for sensational processing power. The Yamaha REV100: the easy way to add extraordinary ambiance to your sound.


  • 99 Editable Presets
  • REV100 Effect Categories
  • True Stereo Reverb
  • Superior Sound Quality
  • Advanced MIDI Features
  • Other Important Features

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